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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1979.08.11 Led Zeppelin Knebworth Festival DVD Video

Led Zeppelin
Knebworth Festival
 DVD Video

Here are the links
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Disc 1 (83.08 mins):
The Song Remains The Same
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
Hot Dog
The Rain Song
White Summer Black Mountain Side

Disc 2 (77.05 mins):
Trampled Underfoot
Sick Again
Achilles Last Stand
Guitar Solo
In The Evening
Stairway To Heaven
Audience Cheering
Rock And Roll
Whole Lotta Love Medley
Communication Breakdown

Video Stream:
        Type: Interlaced MPEG2
        Bitrate: 8.000 Mbps
        Framerate: 29.970 Hz
        Resolution: 720x480
        Aspect ratio: 4x3
Audio Stream:
        Type: Linear PCM
        Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
        Number of channels: 2
        Sampling Frequency: 48khz
        Sampling Bits: 16

Return Of The Dinosaurs (GM-LZ-11.08.1979-DVD-03) 2 DVDR
Knebworth Festival, 11 August 1979

Disc 1 (83.08 mins): Intro/he Song Remains The Same/Celebration Day/Black Dog/Nobody's Fault But Mine/Over The Hills And Far Away/Misty Mountain Hop/Since I've Been Loving You/No Quarter/Hot Dog/The Rain Song/White Summer Black Mountain Side/Kashmir

Disc 2 (77.05 mins): Trampled Underfoot/Sick Again/Achilles Last Stand/Guitar Solo/In The Evening/Stairway To Heaven/Audience Cheering/Rock And Roll/Whole Lotta Love Medley/Communication Breakdown

This 2 DVDR set is a presentation of the excellent quality official video, combined with the soundboard soundtrack , from Genuine Masters. The source for this video is the same generation as the one released in the Summer of 2004 on a 3 DVDR no label release Knebworth Festival 1979. That release was excellent, but there was a problem on the copy of the video they used in that release, as there is a glitch during Kashmir and the video jumps back to Black Mountain Side. This fault has been corrected on this new release from Genuine Masters. The picture quality is excellent, a fraction better than Knebworth Festival 1979. The soundtrack stereo sound quality is also really excellent, and both factors combined make this a highly enjoyable release. Clever artwork once again, in extremely high quality colour reproduction, and the two DVDs are also picture discs. The pros and cons of both Knebworth concerts can be debated until the cows come home, but this was the very last concert by Led Zeppelin on home soil, and is therefore an important and significent event. (Jules McTrainspotter Nov 04)

The Genuine Masters release is the absolute best version available. There will not be a better version of this show unless Mr. Page officially releases his masters of this show. I compared this release with the "GB" label release and find this one is overall sharper in in sound & audio. Sorta like comparing a 1st gen to a 2nd gen. You can see the differences in the video/color/lack of blurriness on the closeups during the concert. As for the sound, Genuine Masters' "standard" PCM stereo is better than GB's compressed stereo (it's not actually Dolby digital as advertised). That said, the GB label does sound good, just not up to Genuine Masters' level.
Complete zeppelin videos are rare, so all fans should have this release (and I assume everyone reading this review already has this on VHS from years ago). If you still have those old VHS copies please put them out of their misery and get the Genuine Masters, or you can wait until Page/Plant/Jones allow the official release, if you think that's gonna happen...(David Smith, December 2004)

It's a sure sign that the bootleg DVD business has arrived when there's a rush to bring a hot new show to market by rival labels. The concert in question is Led Zeppelin's complete Knebworth performance from 8-11-79, a few songs from which are featured on the officially released DVD. The so-called rivalry is between boutique desktop Zeppelin specialist Genuine Masters, the label that broke new ground with its justly praised remasters of classic Zep sets leveraging high resolution linear PCM audio channels of DVD for playback, and "Genuine Bastard," a new moniker that looks to be associated, based on packaging and other factors, with premier DVD bootlegger 4 Reel Productions. Both surfaced simultaneously, though GB's distribution is far more widespread than that of GM, which caters to a more elusive clientele. Like Earls Court and Seattle '77 before it, this Knebworth performance has been booted to death on DVD, with many previous releases claiming to be the definitive edition. Both GB's Knebworth '79: 25th Anniversary Edition and GM's Return Of The Dinosaurs represent true significant upgrades, offering sound and picture quality approaching that of an official release with little video banding, excellent sharpness and only some color saturation artifacts and softness in low-light situations. The differences between the two are largely down to presentation: Genuine Bastard's issue is a dual-layer (DVD9), region-free silver single disc housed in a nice-looking digipak with appropriate period photos and graphics including the sharp on-screen menu (though oddly the opening sequence credits this disc as presented by "Genuine Masters" [sic]). In all, it's a fine example of the contemporary DVD bootleg aesthetic and good value as far as fitting the entire show on one disc. Genuine Masters' two DVD-R set is more of a throwback, taking a fantasy approach to its full-color artwork depicting a T-Rex being circled by Zep's "Swan Song Man." It's on-screen menu offers impressive motion graphics for each chapter. As for the nitty gritty, the picture quality distinction between the two is a toss-up, while audio wise, GM's hi-res linear PCM gets a slight nod over GB's simulated surround sound, though you can't go too wrong either way. (Butterking Dec 04, from an expanded Review from Going Underground, ICE Magazine, Jan 05)

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