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Friday, September 25, 2015

1973.03.22 Led Zeppelin Essen, Germany Gracias! (Audience)

Led Zeppelin
Essen, Germany

Here is the link
Here is the link for the Soundboard source
01 Rock and Roll
02 Over the Hills and Far Away
03 Black Dog
04 Misty Mountain Hop / Since I've Been Loving You
05 Dancing Days
06 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
07 The Song Remains the Same
08 The Rain Song
09 Dazed and Confused (incl San Francisco)
10 Stairway to Heaven
11 Whole Lotta Love (incl Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Turn On Your Love Light / Boogie Woogie / Baby I Don't Care / Let's Have a Party / I Can't Quit You / The Lemon Song)
12 Heartbreaker

The fact is, every show Zeppelin performed in Austria and Germany in March of 1973 is a gem and they each have a characteristic to them that makes them wonderful in their own rights. Vienna is high energy and satisfying, Munich is smooth and more stretched out on the improves, Berlin is tight but also very heavy and charged, Hamburg is technical and frantic, and Offenburg is the tightest and most confident overall. But this show is perhaps the technical and inspirational peak, especially for Page and Bonham. It has all the playing and energy of the other shows, but with so much more charisma. Page’s guitar work and Bonham’s drumming in Dazed And Confused are both unbelievable. They pull out phrases and rhythms the like of which they hadn’t done before and will not achieve again on this tour. Every improvised note is played with an authority and power that is superiorly different from the other shows. Old riffs and passages have a new color to them and the solos just flow endlessly. It is as if they each kept going further and further out on a limb, pushing the envelope of their abilities. After this they were never able to really play with this amount of spirit on this songs this way again!

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