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Sunday, September 27, 2015

1971.08.22 Led Zeppelin Inglewood CA The Forum Freak Out

Led Zeppelin
 Inglewood CA The Forum
Freak Out

Here is the link
If previous evening was stunnig, this one is out from this world! Another amazing show, although Robert is much more careful with his voice and achieves a more balanced concert. (In fact, during Stairway To Heaven, his voice was a little ragged and he also got some lyrics wrong what caused of his comments: "Tonight my voice is really fucked, so I don't think we're gonna do much harmonising. But we're gonna try - so, vibe on!") The band is simply on fire! They started very unsually with old Venture's hit single, Walk Don't Run and then crashed with very aggressive Immigrant Song. Dazed And Confused is truly amazing, with Jimmy playing some really Grateful Dead-ish notes at the end! Moby Dick has very powerful drumming. The now-usual Whole Lotta Love medley has the crowd going nuts with an amazing stream of music and Jones' bass solo in Communication Breakdown as well as the whole song drives the crowd into a final frenzy before Thank You obliterates them for good.

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