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Sunday, September 27, 2015

1972.06.14 Led Zeppelin Uniondale NY

Led Zeppelin
Uniondale NY

Here is the link
101 Immigrant Song
102 Heartbreaker
103 Black Dog
104 Since I've Been Loving You
105 Stairway To Heaven
106 Going To California
107 Tangerine
108 Run Around Sue
109 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

201 Dazed And Confused
202 What Is And What Should Never Be
203 Moby Dick

301 Whole Lotta Love Medley
302 Rock And Roll
303 Communication Breakdown
304 Weekend
305 Bring It On Home

Review: Last night at Nassau Coliseum, 16,000 heavy rock fans cheered Led Zeppelin through three hours and four encores and tonight (June 15) another 16,000 will make the pilgrimage. No opening acts have been scheduled because Led Zeppelin stands alone – the band is the personification of heavy rock. Limiting its personal appearances, and carefully refining the basic concept in its annual album, the band appears quite likely to continue long after the various challengers – Black Sabbath is currently ranked first – have their plugs pulled. And every bit of that ascendancy is deserved.

Jimmy Page is a highly proficient electric blues guitarist whose expertise is essential to the group’s effect, but the star of the show is vocalist Robert Plant. By talent or design, Plant is the man who discovered that the key word in the term “power blues” was not “blues” but “power”. Blues singing is about emotion. Its influence on popular singing has been so widespread that, at least among males, singing and emoting have become almost identical – it is a matter of projection rather than hitting the notes.

Some find this effect chilling, but I think it is exciting when it works, which is most of the time. It’s not that Plant can’t emote. On some of the band’s acoustic elections, especially Stairway to Heaven, he hints at real feeling. But just as he begins to reach out, his voice shifts into one of its shrieks or wails, and you realize that Page’s guitar is so heavily miked in the huge arena that he could just as well be playing electric – it’s another mechanical effect. At some deep level, Led Zeppelin’s music is about technology. Philosophically, the band prefers humanity pure and simple, but in practice it must realize its humanity technologically. That seems truer than most good-time pastoral fantasies.

Led Zeppelin attracts a rougher, less affluent and self-righteous crowd than the country-flavored bands that dominate rock these days. For some reason, this crowd gets off not only on the kinky textures of Led Zep’s ensemble playing, but also on displays of dubious instrumental virtuosity - Page bowing his guitar, or John Bonham clubbing his way through a 15-minute drum solo. Also, the music ran a little long for everyone as jaded as myself. But Since I’ve Been Loving You, with John Paul Jones providing a great thick wall of organ behind Plant and Page, is the ultimate power blues and Rock and Roll, the first encore is simply the most dynamic hard-rock song in the music.

It was a heavy evening. (R. Christgau / NY Newsday, June ‘72)

A legendary show where Zeppelin really shines and plays some of their best music this tour! Robert's voice is incredibly gutsy and the band is unstoppable as they roll through the set! Dazed And Confused is beyond belief and the Whole Lotta Love medley is exceptional, with many obscure references. The encores are great including a rare, great version of Weekend. During the last encore the auditorium joining in with the whole band so Plant said: "I wanna hear you louder than us!"

The tape begins with Plant telling the crowd "it's nice to be back again." Immigrant Song is a sonic assault. Page blazes through the inspired solos during Heartbreaker. During a long pause after Black Dog, Plant explains that Jones's keyboard is the cause of the delay, adding "it's a nightly problem, it's cool." Plant is in good form during Since I've Been Loving You, his interplay with Page building tension until the climactic release of the guitar solo. High drama at its finest.

Stairway to Heaven includes the first appearance of Plant's famous "do you remember laughter?" ad lib. That's the Way is beautiful. Plant speaks to the crowd about King Arthur and chivalry before Tangerine. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is dedicated to Dion and the Belmonts after Plant sings a couple lines from Runaround Sue. Page is absolutely on fire during the guitar solo/workout section in Dazed and Confused. He plays Walter's Walk at lightning speed, causing the rest of the band to race just to keep up. A frantic rendition of The Crunge is followed by another blistering guitar solo. The band is in an intense race to the finish, creating a vast sonic wall until everything peaks at the explosive return to the main riff. A truly amazing performance.

Moby Dick is cut after seventeen minutes. The medley during Whole Lotta Love features Boogie Chillen', John Lee Hooker's Bottle Up and Go, Hello Mary Lou, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, and Goin' Down Slow. The long string of encores begins with the riotous one-two punch of Rock and Roll and Communication Breakdown. The band returns to the stage for another great rendition of Eddie Cochran's Weekend followed by Bring it on Home, which is cut just before the instrumental battle section, ending the recording. An epic performance.
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