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Friday, September 25, 2015

1973.05.05 Led Zeppelin Tampa Stadium Pigeon Blood (Sounds Great)

Led Zeppelin
Tampa Stadium
Pigeon Blood
(Sounds Great)

Here is the link
 101. Rock And Roll
102. Celebration Day
103. Black Dog
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I've Been Loving You

201. No Quarter
202. The Song Remains The Same
203. The Rain Song
204. Dazed And Confused
205. Stairway To Heaven

301. Moby Dick
302. Heartbreaker
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. The Ocean
305. Communication Breakdown

Modestly billed as "An event... The Supershow of the year!"
Led Zeppelin attract 56,800 persons to today's show and break the
single concert attendance record set by The Beatles in 1965. The
show grosses an estimate 309,000 pounds.
"Hello, It seems between us we've done something nobody's ever
done before... and that's fantastic!" is Plant's triumphant opening
comment. Robert's voice is a bit hoarse at first but overall it's a fine
performance for so early in the tour. The set list has had some major
changes for the American shows. "Celebration Day" has been recalled
and now follows directly after "Rock And Roll". "Over The Hills And
Far Away" has now been moved back in the running order to fourth
place. "Black Dog" is now performed with a few bars of "Bring It On
Home" as an introduction. "Dancing Days" and "Bron Yr Aur Stomp"
are both dropped from the standard set. John Bonham's solo "Moby
Dick" is reintroduced, although in a much truncated form. "Whole
Lotta Love" is also now much shorter, losing most of the medley
section, only "Boogie Chillum" is regularly retained.
The sheer size of the crowd tonight causes problems at the front of
the stage. After "Since I've Been Loving You", Robert appeals to the
crowd: "Listen, as we've achieved something between us that's never
been done before, will you just cool it on the barriers here. Because
otherwise a lot of people might get poorly, right? So if you have
a little respect for the person who's standing next to you, then possible
we can have no problems, do we? It's bad enough with the balance
of payments!" The situation doesn't improve however, so after
"The Rain Song" Plant addresses the crowd once more: "We want
this to be a really joyous occasion, I gotta tell you three people
going. We are animals, but we can move back a little bit because
it's the only way."
 Robert comments that "Dazed And Confused" takes him back to when
he was 19... "before I got the clap or anything!" A power packed 11
minutes version of "Moby Dick" flows straight into "Heartbreaker"
which is in turn non-stop into "Whole Lotta Love". This is the
only occasion where these pieces are linked in such a manner.
Plant makes references to beating The Beatles' record during the
"Boogie Chillum" section.
The first encore of "The Ocean" is complete with Bonham's spoken
introduction and "Communication Breakdown" closes the stage.

News report:
Record-breaking tour audiences and grosses have been claimed by a lot of rock groups - Beatles, Rolling Stones, Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad. Now Led Zeppelin is claiming one - biggest audience for one act ever in the United States.
This was May 5 at the Tampa Stadium, the night after the British group started its U.S. tour in Atlanta. Attendance in Tampa was 56,800, with a $309,000 gross. Led Zeppelin is on a 33-concert, 30-city tour during May and July, with June off for vacation, expecting a total gross of $3 million. The quartet performs without an opening act or intermission, for two and a half hours.
But if anybody thinks they're blasé about playing to such a big crowd as in Tampa, 'he's wrong. We spoke later by phone with lead singer Robert Plant in New Orleans. He said, "I think it was the biggest thrill I've had. I pretend - I kid myself — I'm not very nervous in a situation like that. I try to bounce around just like normal.
"But, if you do a proportionate thing, it would be like halt of England's population. "It was a real surprise. Tampa is the last place I would expect to see 60,000 people. It's not the country's biggest city. It was fantastic. One would think it would be very hard to communicate; with 60,000 people some have got to be quite a distance off. There were no movie screens showing us, like in Atlanta. The only thing they could pick on was the complete vibe of what music was being done."
Plant and Page write most of the group's songs. Some are a collaboration of all four. Gold albums have been "Led Zeppelin," "Led Zeppelin II," "Led Zeppelin III" and "Houses of the Holy," Atlantic, the latter being the best-selling album in the U.S. tor the first two weeks of May. The group also has a gold single, "Whole Lotta Love." But singles are not a big item with Led Zeppelin.
"You can't pick up on what we do in three minutes." Plant adds that some people thought the group was heavy, sexy rock from its hit single. "Now I think they realize there is more. They realize we have subtlety and a spectrum. You can't keep sending out heavy rock all the lime.
"Every time we make an album, our musical leanings advance more and more. A person won't be repetitious if he has any artistry at all. It sounds egotistical but I think this group has the most talented musicians in England. Jimmy Page has played backup with innumerable people from Burt Bacharach to the Rolling Stones.
"He is like the father of the group. Bassist John Paul Jones has done arrangements for people who are world-famous. I came roaring out of the blues and drummer John Bonham used to be like me.
“After bashing out infectious rock, we've started to level out into an artistically leaning group. There's been no big hype behind it at all. The music sort of seeped through to people. The first album was sensitive, traditional songs like Joan Baez had done. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. An audience can ever anticipate in advance what our next album will be like.
"Live, we do a lot of improvising. The numbers will be more or less the same numbers, but what goes on inside, apart from the melody lines, will alter each night. There’s a lot of phrase tossing between drummer, bassist and guitarist and I've been renowned for using my voice as an instrument.
"A lot of groups are too frightened to play away from the track of the records. You see them twice and know exactly what you'll hear the third time. And it's the reason why our group has never changed personnel.
A lot of groups pack it up and form again. There's internal strife because of musical boredom — plugging away at the same old thing. We stay creative: I think that is exactly what we're known for." (A.P. - May 1973)

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