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Sunday, September 27, 2015

1972.06.11 Led Zeppelin Baltimore MD (Decent Audience)

Led Zeppelin
Baltimore MD
(Decent Audience)

Here is the link
101. Immigrant Song
102. Heartbreaker
103. Black Dog
104. Since I've Been Loving You
105. Stairway To Heaven
106. Going To California
107. That's The Way
108. Tangerine
109. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

201. Dazed And Confused
202. What Is And What Sould Never Be
203. Moby Dick

301. Whole Lotta Love
302. Rock And Roll
303. Communication Breakdown


Press Review: "Led Zeppelin Shows Distinctive Style"

Led Zeppelin, playing to a capacity crowd of nearly 13,000 at the Civic Center Sunday night, amply demonstrated how it became the number one British rock band after the death of the Beatles as a group.

Led Zeppelin has been known primarily for heavy electronic rock. One of the most pleasant parts of the concert Sunday night was an acoustic interlude with drummer John Bonham laying out and Page, Plant and Jones (playing mandolin) seated before microphones at the front of the stage. They did several songs, including Going to California and Tangerine, the highlight of which was the tight interplay between the mandolin and guitar.

After this demonstration of their versatility the group settled into their more familiar material – Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love.

These tunes – very loud, tough and driving rock and roll – are what made Led Zeppelin’s name. Plant’s amazingly mobile voice, as variable an instrument as Page’s guitar and capable of almost as many special effects, is used to its greatest effect here – uncannily echoing the guitar phrases of turning up in the ensemble sound in unexpected but usually correct places. On the strength of this interweaving effect of voice and guitar, Page and Plant probably could get by as a duo.

For his part, Page has curbed his zeal for excessively long solos – although he uncorked one on Dazed and Confused, that was outstanding mainly for its length, in favor of more pungent statements. He also has given up fretting with the mike stand, an early device and now bows the guitar strings, brandishing the bow high in the air after sawing away at the strings to conduct the after-notes  echoing through the speakers. Page and Led Zeppelin have both come a long way since their first appearance in this area at the Laurel Pop Festival in 1969. (Balt. Sun, June 1972)

An excellent show with excellent sound! The band is on and plays truly excellent music. While Immigrant Song has lyrics repeated twice at some point the rest of the show is on top form. Friends is only short vocal rehearsal and it is followed by short and unknown medley. Plant making some reference to Elvis Presley while he's introducing an aocoustic set: "We went to see Elvis Presley. That guy did so much for music - long time ago, mind you! His voice has gone down about two or three tones and seemed to have changed a bit and his waist is a bit bigger." Dazed And Confused is outstanding and the Whole Lotta Love medley is fast, furious, and lots of fun!! Robert's voice is just beautiful, especially in the great, intimate acoustic set, and overall, this concert rates as one of the best from the 1972 US Tour.

Bonzo is out of control during Heartbreaker, thrashing away at anything within reach as Page blazes through his high-flying finger acrobatics. Plant mentions that Page's guitar is falling apart before introducing Black Dog. Since I've Been Loving You is an epic drama. Plant calls for a spotlight on Bonzo as he does his best Johnny Cash impression before Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.

Dazed and Confused is dedicated to "the man with the loud voice" by Plant. Bonzo turns the lead-in to the bow solo into a battleground with his explosive pounding. Page is on fire during the guitar solo/workout section. Moby Dick is a mind-blowing twenty-seven and a half minute epic, even with a cut two-thirds of the way through. The riotous medley during Whole Lotta Love includes Boogie Chillen', Elvis Presley's I Need Your Love Tonight, Hello Mary Lou, a slow, mournful Heartbreak Hotel, a blistering rendition of Don Nix's Going Down, and another excellent extended Goin' Down Slow. Bonzo thrashes away like a madman during Rock and Roll. The crowd goes wild as the band returns to the stage to close the show with a frantic Communication Breakdown.

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