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Friday, September 25, 2015

1973.05.28 Led Zeppelin San Diego CA Three Days Before (SoundBoard)

Led Zeppelin
San Diego CA
Three Days Before

Here is the link
 101. Rock And Roll
102. Celebration Day
103. Bring It On Home/Black Dog
104. Over the Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I´ve Been Loving You
107. No Quarter
108. The Song Remains The Same
109. The Rain Song
110. Dazed & Confused (last part)

201. Moby Dick
202. Stairway To Heaven
203. Heartbreaker
204. Whole Lotta Love (includes Boogie Chillun',The Crunge,Honey Bee,Going Down)
205. The Ocean

This show is something like a group's attempt to returning to a good form but still the band is little loose. Page flubs twice during the last part of Black Dog, repeating the bum note to make it seem intentional after the first mistake, then bursting with another flurry of notes, as he attempts the end the song a second time. No Quarter is a really nice version here and Jonesy is in peak form tonight playing some really interesting jazzy notes. Curiously, Moby Dick is played right after Dazed And Confused and Plant introduces Bonzo as something the people in China and Korea are never gonna see; something the people in Russia will never get a chance to look at; a gentleman “full of shit and speed”. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s guitar goes mute, leaving Jonsey and Bonzo alone. After some fun during Heartbreaker, as the boys chase each other around, perhaps the highlight of this set follows. After the theremin madness, Jones launches into a bit of The Crunge, but it’s ignored by Page. Plant then sings a bit of Honey Bee, answered by a flurry of buzzing notes from Page, circa 1970! After that brief interlude, and a tease of “one night….” from Plant, Page answers with notes from Going Down. Plant and company pick up on this and the band launches into a full version of the song, complete with solo, a real rarity during the more static shows of the 1973 US Tour. A rousing version of “The Ocean” closes out the show.

The tape is yet another excellent soundboard recording.

Review: Led Zeppelin Hits Peak At Sellout

The culmination of all rock ‘n’ roll of a decade appears to have occurred with Led Zeppelin and the crowning achievement capable of its star instrument, the guitar, seems to be the possession of Jimmy Page, the British group’s leader, if such there be.

Appearing Monday night in the Sports Arena before a sold-out house of 16,000 persons who began to gather outside the entrances at noon, Led Zep attested to all praises that have preceded its performance here, namely sold-out concerts all around the country and gold record sales that continue to mount.

Accompanied by John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant in combinations on vocals, guitar, drums and keyboards, Page shone as the supreme master of the heavy fuzz box guitar riff. His evolution from the early days of British rock with the Yardbirds appears complete. Nobody, but nobody plays guitar like Page. His is the final force, the power of a riff. A few solos Monday night were too excessive, but the sheer driving power of most over-shadowed any inadequacies.

Led Zep devoted themselves an on other dates on the tour to the entire concert performance without a second act on the bill, which made for a full evening of immersion into their heavy metal rock.

A drum solo, Moby Dick, interrupted the screaming flow of Page’s guitar once during the show, but that was because the time was needed to find a missing piece of guitar we were told.

Essentially, however the set was as powerful as rock ‘n’ roll ever gets. Raunchy, flashy, and full of fuzzy sheet metal noise that brought a musical form to its culmination – or, perhaps just into another dimension. Whatever, Led Zep has the power. (Carol Olten, S.D. Union, May 1973)

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